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Explore our curriculum intent, implementation, impact and long term plans by clicking on the faculties listed.

You will find more information about how each subject area is bringing our knowledge rich offer to life. This information includes an intent statement for each subject, which sets out the ambition of the curriculum and broadly, what students can expect to learn.

It also includes an implementation statement, which provides an overview of how we deliver the curriculum in each subject area. And, finally a statement around the expected impact of our curriculum. This summarises our student’s entitlement, what it is they should expect to be able to do and know through engaging with our curriculum offer.

Key Term  Definition 
Progression Map  Breaks down the key concepts to specify the most important knowledge and how that knowledge builds within the curriculum. It enables teachers to see the biff picture of pupils' learning: what content is taught in which year group.
Long - Term Plan  Organises the knowledge from the progression map into units to give an overview of what is taught when in the curriculum.
Unit of Work  A block of learning usually made up of a number of domains of knowledge (topics) 
Gateway Knowledge  What students need to know before they can move into the next unit of work. It is prior knowledge that is needed for new knowledge to be acquired. Without accurate and secure gateway knowledge, new learning may take place superficially and/or with misconceptions. Teachers will spend time at the start of a new unit of work making sure students have secure gateway knowledge.
Domains of Knowledge  A group of related knowledge. It could also be referred to as a topic. Any subject could be divided up into different domains (topics) 
Key Concepts  Concepts critical to understanding a subject. They could also be referred to as golden threads that we revisit throughout the curriculum.
End Points  What pupils are expected to know and able to do by the end of the unit of work. This is what students will be tested o and will be used to uniform the progress data that is shared three times a year.